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What Causes Carpet Wrinkles?

One of the most common issues homeowners encounter with their wall-to-wall carpet is wrinkles/ripples.  Sometimes it is new carpet that has had little foot traffic, and other times it is older carpet that developed wrinkles over time. The ripples may be isolated in small areas, or span an entire room or house. No matter if they are large or small, in the middle of the room, or around the walls, they can be a trip hazard and need to be addressed. So, what causes these unsightly and unsafe wrinkles and how can they be fixed?

The quick answer is that the carpet it isn’t tight enough.  There are a few things that can cause loose carpet:

  1. Poor Installation: This is the overwhelming reason why a carpet develops wrinkles. When wall-to-wall carpet is installed, it must be stretched tightly and then secured in place with tack strips along the edges of the carpet.  Unfortunately, some carpet installers will try to save time by using a knee-kicker rather than a power-stretcher.  This results in an inadequate stretch and the potential for ripples to develop as the carpet relaxes.
  2. Heavy furniture: Dragging heavy furniture across carpet can loosen the tension at the edges and tugs on the carpet causing it to stretch. To avoid causing carpet to wrinkle when moving furniture or other heavy items, it is best to lift the item and carry it if it is possible or use furniture sliders.  Lifting heavy furniture also removes the possibility of creating a permanent friction burn in the carpet.
  3. Moisture/Over Wetting: Too much moisture in carpet can cause it to ripple. Carpet that has become overly wet, as the result of flooding or improper steam cleaning, is extremely susceptible to wrinkling. Because of the risk associated with over wetting, it is advisable to have your carpets professionally cleaned, rather than doing it yourself with a rented machine.
  4. Older Carpet: All carpets have a useful life, usually ranging 10-15 years.  Once a carpet gets old and worn out, it is more suspecitbile to wrinkling.

If you are experiencing any carpet ripples or wrinkles, it’s best to have a professional company re-stretch them before they get more severe over time.  Revive Carpet Cleaning and Repair is certified with the IICRC in Carpet Repair and Re-stretching and can help bring your carpet back to life!  When you are ready to bring your carpet back to life, contact us or book online.