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Carpet Repair and Pet Odor Removal

Carpet wrinkled, bleached, stained, or ripped? Need a patch or seam repaired? We can Revive it!  We are experts in bringing your carpet back to life with carpet stretching, bonded inserts/patches, spot dyes, and other carpet repair.

Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching steps to remove wrinkles in Buford Georgia

Over time wrinkles or bulges can develop in carpet.  Wrinkles are often caused by faulty installation, dragging heavy furniture across it, or heavy foot traffic. When the carpet comes loose, wrinkles will form.  These wrinkles are a tripping hazard and look unsightly and continue to get worse if left uncorrected. We have the tools and expertise to stretch carpets back to their original flat (and safe) look.

Bonded Inserts / Carpet PatchFixed pet damage with patch

Carpets can get damage from burns,  pet damage, deep stains, bleach, and a multitude of other things.  With a bonded insert or more commonly referred to as a carpet patch, we remove the carpet that is damaged and replace with an insert from your existing carpet.  We use your existing carpet to have an exact match of what was originally  installed. Once your insert is bonded, your carpet will look completely Revived and ready for play!

Pet Urine Treatment

We love our furry family members, but they can damage our carpets and furniture with accidents.   Our full service pet stain and odor removal treatment starts with us finding the source of the odor via a UV light inspection.  We need to find the source so we can eliminate the source and not just mask the odor.  Once the source is identified, there are multiple treatment plans available, ranging from spot treatment to sealing the sub-floor.  We will detail all the options to fully Revive your carpets and get them smelling fresh and looking like new!

Spot Dyeing

Accidents happen.  Including dropping bleach or other chemicals on your floors that discolor your carpet fibers.  Our technicians become artists, dyeing your carpet and blending it in perfectly with the unaffected carpet.  We will determine if this is an option for Reviving your carpets during your pre-inspection.

Contact us or book online to schedule your Carpet Repair or Pet Treatment today!  Let us bring your carpets back to life!