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Carpet Cleaning

All of our carpet cleanings are DEEP cleanings!

Your carpets are among the most heavily utilized areas in your home. From muddy paw prints to coffee spills to toddler messes, carpets can take a beating. They also collect dust and allergens, which ends back up in the air you breathe. Deep cleaning by a professional won’t just help keep your carpet looking incredible, but it can enhance the air quality in your homes and even extend the life of your carpets.  There are many benefits of a professional carpet cleaning.

At Revive Carpet Cleaning and Repair, we offer our customers a careful, multi-step cleaning process that brings carpets back to life!

1. Initial inspection with client: we look for problem areas that will require special attention.

2. Pre-treating the carpet: we pre-treat the carpet with environmentally friendly cleaning agents.  These cleaning agents work to break down the trapped dirt and oils in your carpet.

3. Deep Cleaning: we use our deep cleaning machine to scrub the carpet fibers, from the bottom to the top.  This deep cleaning step is essential to fully clean your carpets.

4. Steam Cleaning: we use our Truck Mount Hot Water Extraction System to clean the carpet again and rinse all dirt away.

5. Odor Neutralizer and Softener: we apply an odor neutralizer and softening agent to your carpet which provides a fresh, clean aroma and leaves the carpet feeling soft and fluffy

6. Final inspection with client: we know you’ll be blown away with your Revived carpets but we like to do a final inspection to ensure your complete satisfaction and discuss any next steps.

Contact us or book online to schedule your Deep Cleaning today!  Let us bring your carpets back to life!